Doctors Consultation* 70
Follow Up Consultation* (same as initial consultation within 6-8 weeks) 55
Extended Consultation (30min consultation) 105
Nurse Consultation* 55
Travel Vaccine Consultation (excludes vaccines) 70
Housecall** 150
Health Screen (please advise when booking to allow extra time) 250
Sexual Health Screening 90
Blood Tests 35
ECG* 50
Cryotherapy* (per visit) 55
24hr Blood Pressure Monitor* 85
Driving License Medical 70
Repeat Prescriptions 20
Menopause Assessment and Treatment (1st visit) 150

* There is no charge for this service if you have a valid Medical Card.

** This service is only available in an emergency situation to both Private and Medical Card patients.




240 Merrion Road, Dublin 4