We operate a policy of accepting prescription request forms by written request only. This policy is strictly adhered to and our admin staff members are not permitted to accept verbal requests for medication at any time. This policy is in place to:

  • Ensure maximum patient safety.
  • Ensure that patients are aware of the medications they are requesting
  • Reduce the risk of prescribing unnecessary medications.
  • Ensure accurate records of patient medication requests are retained.
  • Minimise human error.

Please allow at least 4 working days for your prescription request to be processed by the doctor. The prescription will be sent directly to your specified pharmacy. We recommend contacting the pharmacy in advance to check if your prescription is ready for collection. Please do not attend the practice.

We also recommend checking with your pharmacy if your prescription is due and that you require a new prescription.

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A fee of €20 applies to private prescriptions. Please have your debit or credit card details ready as payment will be required to complete your prescription request.

Please have your doctor visit or medical card number ready as it will be required to complete your prescription request.

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We want to provide you with the best quality of medical care. This includes the way medicines are prescribed. You might notice this in the way we:

  • try to avoid unnecessary antibiotics, for example in treating the ‘common cold’.
  • actively discourage the long-term use of medicines such as sleeping tablets or anxiety tablets.
  • might invite you to attend for a ‘MEDICATION REVIEW’ if we have not seen you in some time and you remain on long term medicines. We will always endeavour to discuss fully the prescribing choices we face during your visit and keep you informed on what monitoring if any, your medications require.
  • Use the generic names of medication as much as possible. Generic Prescribing is cost-effective and associated with less potential for errors. It is considered “best practice” in most situations.